WATCH: Piqi Miqi- The Girls Like The Girls


Piqi Miqi, artist based in Prague just recently released another music video on April 4th; The Girls Like The Girls written and produced by Piqi himself, with the video directed by Jay Walker. This time it reflects on his best friend Amanda Mayne. (Here's what Piqi had to say about the influence on this track below)

"I wrote this song about my best friend Amanda Mayne. Everytime she goes out she always lures the most beautiful girls away from their boyfriends. I found her game remarkable and watched how she attracts girls by engaging them and leading the way. She explained to me that she didn't want to categorize her sexual orientation. Sometimes she found herself attracted to women, sometimes men. But her desire with women is more complex and emotional. I captured her playful essence in this song. The lyrics makes fun of the boring guy who fails to show his girl a good time. While he's being so uptight and dull, there's a fun loving girl who has got exactly what his girlfriend has been missing." - Piqi Miqi

The video reflects on a guy who is suspicious of his girlfriend, so Piqi goes to find what she's been up to. When he finds out, he notices that she is seeing another girl, since her boyfriend had no time for her to have fun and be romanced, Piqi meets up with him in a car at night to tell him, that a lady has taken his place and wants to have fun. Of course, by the end it was all in Piqi's mind the whole time, and goes back to him and the guy he's speaking to help with, but then states that he can't help him and walks away.

Listen to the funky track below and stay tuned for his album release for Yesterday Left Last Night dropping on May 14th.


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