Listen to Wave-Starr's- "Mother Gaiiia"

Wave-Starr just recently dropped his track "Mother Gaiiia" on April 7th (4/7) and it's impressive. "Mother Gaiiia" stands for Mother Nature/Earth, and in this track, Wave-Starr speaks on all things connected and manifesting yourself to your higher self.

This track speaks on astral travelling, sacred geometry, energies, the tree of life, knowledge, the 5th dimension and synchronicity. Wave-Starr's content of music reminds me of rappers such as Ab-Soul and Capital Steez, but he has his own original sound, and is constantly progressing, which you can really hear in this track specifically. He sheds light on the feminine energy and how it interconnects with masculine energy, like yin (female) and yang (male).

Wave-Starr will be releasing his debut project "Wave GALAXY" and this gives us an idea of what will be on it.

Overall, this track is worth the listen and if you dig this track, look out for his new and upcoming project.


Hi, my names Daniela Campos, lover of hip-hop, spirituality, food, & listening to music/writing my thoughts on it, feel free to send me any of your music/contact me!

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