Listen to Something August's new track "Swallowed" ft. Gohj-ji

There is a new group from Vancouver, BC and they go by the name of "Something August". They are a duo of combined artists Tee Krispil and Kerry Chambers.

The track is produced by both Tee Krispil and Kerry Chambers, written by Tee Krispil and Gohj-ji, and will be featured on their first EP "Pursuit of 63".

They create music that is slow, inspired hip-hop/ electronic sounds mixed with darkness vibes. Their first track "Swallowed" will leave you in a trance, feeling mellow by the chill vocals and alluring beat.

The sound they have created is so unique it's almost as if they have made up a new genre of music for people to listen to, and it's amazing.

Vibe out to the track below and feel free to leave any comments.


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